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Hey I'm Sarah, Nest Happy :)

Once I made the decision to Tame the Toys in my house, I started researching *exactly* how to do it.  I scoured the interwebs and didn't really find anything that suited me, and looking at it through an engineering-minded lens, I knew that there was a true science behind toys and how I could provide an environment for true learning.  An environment where my kids could:

  • Grow their inventive and imaginary play 
  • Play in harmony as siblings
  • Exercise more parts of their brains when exploring different types of toys
  • Engage deeper and longer in play
  • Increase their independent play time (yes - I'm talking about uninterrupted showers without screen-time!)
  • Avoid overstimulation
  • Have FUN!


I couldn't find something out there, and as I shifted careers and became a professional organizer, I created this system because my clients demanded it.  I demanded it too!

Tame The Toys(TM) was created with signature Nest Happy categories at its core, with these product requirements: 

(can you see me geeking out a little bit over here)

  • Create a functional system that not only makes cleanup time easier for parents and kids, but shows you exactly how to do it, step-by-step, like a manual.
  • Design keeping precious resources for parents (limited time and energy) at the forefront which meant making a system that was easy to set up and easy to maintain.
  • Really speak to those who may have trouble letting stuff go. I come from a family of hoarders (Hi mom and dad! I love you!) and know that sometimes your judgement is clouded when you are not focused on the end goal or when you are not asking yourself the right questions.
  • Make it simple enough so that everyone (i.e. your spouse and kids) can get on board and see the benefits of "new toy day" and the idea of rotating. 
  • Include flexibility so that the system can evolve as kids grow and inevitably acquire new toys.
  • Make it extremely detailed and easy with checklists, cheat sheets, and provide inspiration and motivation with a community of others doing the same thing.


8 Module Program to Create Your Functional, Engaging, Sustainable System for your Kids' Toys

I'm so excited to open up the cart on this program again!


When you purchase the program below, you will get access to a private membership course site.  According the the schedule below, we will work through the modules.  Modules each include several videos and downloads.

You will get lifetime access to the program and be eligible for upgrades including any audio or text versions of the content, or any extra BONUSES that may be added.

  • MODULE 1 - Tummy Time

    Easy Essentials.  Learn the foundations of the system including getting in the right mindset, how to introduce this to your family, and what you need to know to develop the system perfectly for your family.

  • MODULE 2 - Rolling Over

    Pre-Work.  Before you dive right in, lets look at loads of examples and get yourself set up and organized in your mind, home and calendar before attempting the big overhaul.  Yes, we will be sourcing or repurposing products and looking at your storage options.

  • MODULE 3 - Army Crawling

    Key Categories.  Deep dive into the 10 Signature Nest Happy Toy categories.  Yes, these are the categories that make for a well-rounded early childhood development.  I’ve done the research, vetted the categories with early childhood development experts, and field tested this Tame The Toys system for three years with these at its core.  Representing age-appropriate toys covering the whole suite of toy categories make this system truly magical.

  • MODULE 4 - First Steps

    Sanity Saving Sets.  Simplify your system by making sets strategically, with a few key suggestions, logistics, and products in mind.  Get loads of examples and all your questions answered.

  • MODULE 5 - Running

    Happy Rotating Habits.  Get in a rhythm with your household and learn some tips and best practices on what to do when its “new toy day!” and putting out a set and putting away sets.

  • MODULE 6 - Climbing

    Maintain and Evolve.  Easily Maintain and Evolve your system as kids grow and inevitably acquire new toys.

  • MODULE 7 - Play All Day

    Questions Answered.  Replays of all QnA Sessions to learn from others and get the personalized support you might need.

  • MODULE 8 - Learning A-B-C's

    Resources.  Vault of Nest Happy Masterclasses and Presentations on this Topic for further learning.

And if this isn't enough to get you excited, you're also getting these bonuses!

  • Bonus 1:  Private Facebook Group
    Share your before and after pictures, the toys you are buying to fill out your categories, post when you might feel stuck, get the information and reminders for the LIVE QnA Sessions (replays posted in the group and in the course site) and more!.​
  • Bonus 2:  Tame The Toys Checklist
    Saving you time and getting you results as fast as possible, use this check-list and get your system up in running in no time.
  • Bonus 3:  Key Category Sorting Labels
    Do what I do and use these handy-dandy labels to sort (and document) your toys in categories super efficiently.  Other best sorting practices shared in Module 3!
  • Bonus 4:  Category Cheat-Sheet
    Summary reference sheet of the 10 key Nest Happy Signature toy categories saving you time and putting the necessary information at your fingertips.
  • Bonus 5:  Category Development Worksheet
    See at a glance what toys you have in the 10 Key Nest Happy Signature Toy categories (per age) and what you may need to purchase or put on your child's wish list to round out their development.
  • Bonus 6:  Set Worksheets
    Must-Have set worksheets (or option for a spreadsheet) for referencing what you have in each set.  These are used ongoing when sets are rotated.  Includes tips on best practices in Modules 4 and 5. 


  • MODULES 1 and 2 and related Bonuses are available instantly upon joining the program
  • MODULES 3 and 4 and related Bonuses are released 1 week after joining the program
  • MODULE 5 and related Bonuses are released 2 weeks after joining the program
  • MODULES 6, 7, and 8 and related Bonuses are released 3 weeks after joining the program
  • LIVE QandA Sessions scheduled monthly
  • FACEBOOK MASTERMIND COMMUNITY BONUS instantly upon joining the program



For those Wanting Extra Support:

You want in but love the idea of extra support for time savings, efficiency and without second-guessing.  You feel confident that with my support, you can tackle this and set your family up for success.  And now you are wondering what's included in the "VIP" version?


Well you will get all the modules (all videos and loads of examples), access to me in the LIVE QnA Sessions, community support, and ALL the amazing bonuses in the program,




You will get a one-on-one sessions with me (Sarah) in a couple different sessions, AND early access to Nest Happy product and service offerings:

  • ALL MODULES and BONUSES of the Signature Program

  • VIP Session 1:  20-Minute 1:1 Pre-work Session

  • VIP Session 2:  50-Minute 1:1 Personalized Session

  • Early Access to Nest Happy Products and Services


  • VIP Sessions to be booked on Sarah's Nest Happy Booking Site (link sent after purchase) and redeemed within 3-Months of purchase.

Which option is right for you?

Every plan has lifetime access.


Let's get some Happy Toys!




  • Facebook Group and Monthly QnA Support


one investment





  • Facebook Group and Monthly QnA Support

  • PLUS One Bonus 20 Minute 1:1 Pre-Work Session*

  • PLUS One 50 Minute Personalized 1:1 Session*

    (*Skype or Zoom)


one investment

What Other Mom's are Saying:

Sarah helped implement her toy system in our playroom. It's a very well thought out system.  My daughter is playing with and enjoying toys she had forgotten she had and I have fewer items to help with clean up!  My husband was hesitant when I first told him my plan but he would now tell you what a transformation has taken place, and continues to, since working with Sarah.


Mom to 5 year old girl, with baby brother on-the-way on Tame The Toys

I am really happy with Sarah’s toy system!  Not only is our house less cluttered, but my daughter is playing more intently with the toys that are out.  She has been rediscovering and enjoying toys that had been lost in the piles before.  It's great!


Mom to 3.5 year old girl on Tame The Toys

Our family needed to create more time and space to play.  The Tame the Toys system of toy rotation, fit our needs exactly.  I knew I wouldn't be able to implement a rotation system without some guidance, and videos and weekly updates kept me motivated to finish the setup.  I feel a real positive change in our home, and in the way my kids are engrossed in play longer.  They anticipate "new toy day," the day we bring out another set, with such joy!


Mom of two (5 and 2 yo) on Tame The Toys

What are you waiting for?  :)


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