A FREE Online Experience for the Mother Who Wants to Learn to Craft Her Family Life Her Way

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November 5th-11th - Free Access Ends on Sunday:

An Online Experience to Support Your Entire Mom Life!

Say "YES! I'm In!" and With This Summit You'll:

  • Learn how to be relaxed, healthy and happy and totally in-tune with your body so you can live to your full potential each and every day.

  • Lift that mom-brain fog so you can feel in-control and shift from constantly reacting to the whims of everyone else.

  • Step into the mom you wanna be so you can go to bed feeling accomplished (and don't cringe when you hear yourself sounding like your own mother or catch yourself raising your voice).

  • Connect with your kids and partner on a new level so your heart bursts with love every time you see them instead of bracing for the demands like a servant.

  • Optimize your routines and start feeling in-control and vibrant and get everything done with ease and joy.

  • Sounds good?  Sign up and tune in for your kids, for your house, for YOU so you can craft your life your way!

  • Watch up to 25 Expert Interviews

    We've assembled an amazing panel of topics that WE wanted to learn more about ranging from health, sex, money, tantrums, homework, and oh-so-much more!



  • 7 Day Summit

    (5 Days of Content Monday - Friday)

    • The FREE Access Period runs Monday through Sunday.
    • Purchase Lifetime Access at one low, all-inclusive cost.
    • Expert interviews will be Released Monday-Friday at 8:00 AM EST each day.
    • FREE Access Ends at 10:00 PM EST on Sunday.
  • FREE Gifts

    How could we forget about the GIFTS!!!?!?


    Every Expert Speaker has provided a special gift just for you.


    The value of all of them together is more than we can count, so let's just call them PRICELESS! :)

  • Access from Anywhere

    Mobile device friendly so you can watch from anywhere.


    OH!  And 90%+ are sensitive-ear friendly so they are safe for your kids too!  (Videos are labeled if they have foul language).

  • Reminders and Inspiration

    Once you sign up you will be equipped with the agenda, inspiration, and sneak-peeks to the interviews so you know exactly which ones you should tune into when.

  • BYOK

    Bring your own kid.  Or your own baby, toddler, preschooler, or, heck - even all the way up through the teens with the content we have covered!


    (Oh and your fav. hot or bubbly beverage helps too!)

  • Community

    A private facebook community where the BEST discussions are sure to take place.  You will wanna ignore all the political stuff and tune in to our mom-talk over in the group.

  • The Summit runs from November 5th-11th.  

    Sign up and get details delivered with care to your inbox and enjoy from home throughout the week.


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